Build Your Vocabulary: Drinking Words

Consumption of alcohol, commonly referred to as drinking, is a fun pastime enjoyed by many. Fun and funny events can occur under the influence of alcohol. Sometimes drunk people say the wittiest and most laughable things.

Impress your friends by being the intelligent drunk. Aside from practicing safe drinking behavior (don’t drink and drive), you can show your smarts by using these words about alcohol consumption.


Definition: Apt to fight, desiring to cause trouble, willingness to act out.

Example: The belligerent drunk stumbled out of the bar, pushing and shoving people as he exited.

Connotation: The subject causes small scale fights or confrontations. This word is usually used to describe individuals who intentionally start small fights with implied violence or physical action.


Definition: Drunk, inebriated, overcome by alcohol.

Example: The police arrested the inebriated individual for public drunkenness.

Connotation: This is a high-browed way of describing someone as being drunk. This is a word to use in a highfalutin setting when discussing drunkenness.


Definition: Drunk, inebriated, severely affected by alcohol to the point of being stupefied.

Example: The intoxicated clown was unable to walk straight; he ran into trashcans, elephants, and spectators.

Connotation: This word is usually used in a technical or legal sense, such as ‘legally intoxicated.’ It typically has a negative connotation.


Definition: A drunk and/or alcoholic.

Example: The lush was drunk before the party even started!

Connotation: This word is used to negatively describe one who is commonly drunk. More often than not, it is used to describe a female with a drinking problem.


Definition: Completely soaked or full of something; slang: drunk

Example: After sixteen shots of tequila, I was completely soused.

Connotation: This is a slang word, but seldom used. It implies that the subject is or feels completely saturated with alcohol.


Definition: Unharmed, without scratch or injury.

Example: She was a fool to think that she would make it home unscathed; she shouldn’t have driven drunk.

Connotation: This word implies that the subject was in danger, but emerged without injury.


Definition: Caustic, acidic, damaging.

Example: The hard liquor felt simply vitriolic without a chaser.

Connotation: This word implies a burn or damage and can also be used to describe acidic words thrown about in a fight.

It’s best to practice these words before your night out. It’s hard enough incorporating new vocabulary into your speech when you’re not under the influence!

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