Stop Winter Depression

How To Stay Warm In Winter With Fashion Scarf

As the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, many of us start to feel a bit depressed. This is normal, as we all miss the summer months and the long, bright days. If you have symptoms of a more severe depression then you may in fact be suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), and will need to seek advice from your doctor on what you can do to treat this affliction. There are also a number of articles online that discuss SAD in greater detail. But if your symptoms are more on par with a small case of the blues, then you need not fret, as there are many simple things you can do to chase away the winter blues and make the fall and winter months just as happy and inviting as summer was. The biggest difference between summer and winter is the amount of sunlight available to us during the day. So it is important to try to get as much natural sunlight as possible. Open the curtains wide and invite the sunlight into your home as though it were an old friend. Bask in its healthy glow while relaxing in a comfortable chair, and, weather permitting, go for a walk beneath its warm embrace. A good day of sunlight, even during the coldest winter days, can be a wonderful mood-enhancer. Summer is typically a time for relaxation, whether on the beach, in a park, floating idly in the pool or just enjoying a backyard barbecue. Try to find some moments of relaxation each day during the fall and winter months as well in order to prevent everyday stress from ruining the day and increasing the strength of your winter blues. Outside, the trees may appear dead and the flowers have ceased to bloom, but the inside of your home can be a wonderful habitat for flowers and plants, and can serve to provide a warm, welcome environment, even when the wind and the snow beats against your door and rattles your windows. If you have experience with gardening or plan on starting a garden in the spring, you may also want to look into planting certain flowers and plants indoors at this time, to get them budding through the following months, so they can be freshly transplanted into your garden just in time for spring. Candles, and especially a fireplace, add an element of warmth and life to your home, especially when the skies are gray. Reading a book or enjoying a soothing CD or movie while the candlelight flickers across the walls can be an enjoyable and addictive experience in winter, especially when coupled with a cup of hot chocolate or herbal tea. Because the winter weather can tend to keep us indoors more often than not, it is ever important to maintain some form of physical activity. Daily physical activity is conducive to both our health and our mood, and will also help diminish seasonal depression. You can go to a gym, play indoor tennis, dance around your home, life weights, walk on a treadmill, etc. The possibilities for physical activity are quite diverse, you simply need to find something that suits you. Burning incense, scented oils, or even spraying a citrus or herbal air freshener about your home can help erase winter doldrums. Quite useful and wonderfully relaxing is a scented bath. Indulge in this little luxury and you’ll soon forget all about summer and truly begin to enjoy the winter. Winter is an excellent time for cooking and baking hearty meals and delightful treats. These need not be fattening meals; there are hundreds, if not thousands, of healthy, low-fat winter recipes just waiting to be discovered on the internet at various recipe sites. Outdoor winter activities are wholly conducive to chasing away the winter blues. After all, who has time to be depressed when in the midst of a family snowball fight, or sledding down a snowy hill. Learn to ski, or build a snowman. And the parks are still open, and if not too cold, a walk through a park in the winter is a whole new experience, as the environment looks completely different but no less beautiful or magical. And of course, the sunlight beaming upon you is as always ever important and uplifting.

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