Cymbalta: Relieving Physical and Emotional Pain

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Depression is a growing problem in our society. It’s more than feeling down and out every now and then. Depression reminds me of traveling through a dark tunnel with no light at the end. I’ve traveled that tunnel. My mood was so blue that I experienced body pain. My right arm hurt every morning. A constant pain in my lower legs made it hard to fall asleep. Getting out of bed in the morning was an emotional and physical test.

I asked my doctor to prescribe something for me. The depression was becoming worse while I was on college and my family suffered under the emotional strain. When I discussed my aches, the doctor informed me that my mental state could cause physical symptoms to manifest in my body.

My doctor prescribed Cymbalta. Cymbalta comes in two standard doses: 30 mg. and 60 mg. capsules. Ideally users should start out taking the 30 mg. dose to adjust to the medication, and then step up to the 60 mg. dose. Cymbalta is taken once daily. In about four to six weeks effects should become noticeable.

Within the first two weeks, I noticed that the pains I had been having in my arm and legs had disappeared. No other anti-depressive medication that I’d seen advertised mentioned pain relief as a benefit. Because I was experiencing depressive pain, the pain relieving benefit was a plus with choosing Cymbalta. Much like any other anti-depressive medication, Cymbalta has side effects. Read the literature. Cymbalta can cause several side effects at the outset. I experienced drowsiness, excessive yawning, dry mouth, diarrhea, and excitability. The side effects lasted for about two weeks. At any moment of the day, I would just start yawning, even if I wasn’t tired. Water became my best friend because of the dry mouth. These effects reoccurred briefly when I stepped up to the 60 mg. dose. The inconveniences of the side effects were mild compared to the promised benefits of the medication. You have to decide for yourself.

Along with pain cessation, Cymbalta produces a calming effect. I don’t mean euphoria. The reason why I never considered taking anti-depressive medication before is that I didn’t want to morph into another person. That was always my fear. With Cymbalta, it’s like there’s a tiny switch in your head that halts all those worrisome thoughts that come along when bad situations arise. I could approach situations calmly. A clear head makes all the difference when you’re trying to cope with day-to-day life.

Use Cymbalta as directed. Take the dose at the same time every day to avoid forgetting one. If you do miss a dose, don’t double up. I did notice that missing a dose will cause nausea and dizziness to occur with the next dose. I have missed a couple of doses before and the nauseated feeling would last at least until lunch time.

Discuss all treatment options for depression with your doctor. If physical pain is not a symptom of your depressive disorder, then Cymbalta may not be right for you. Cymbalta produces sexual side effects in men, but they are reportedly mild compared to some other anti-depressive medications. I haven’t noticed any female sexual side effects, which was a concern of mine as a married woman.

Overall, Cymbalta has saved my life. Once on the brink of a total meltdown, now I have my identity back and an abundant life.

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