Jobs That Are Not Likely Disappear

Jobs That Are Not Likely Disappear

Recession proofing your career and seeking education in the right field is essential in today’s economy. The service industry is a field that will never die no matter how bad the economy plunges. Sales, real estate, mortgages, rentals, automobile sales, construction, marketing and travel and industries to avoid when seeking employment and earning good wages during a down economy.

Healthcare occupations are top on the list for secure employment during a recession. Business managers are required in the healthcare field to ensure medical facilities are ran efficiently. The economy does not directly effect people getting sick, hurt, giving birth or growing older. In fact, a recession may cause more anxiety with individuals causing illnesses they may not normally acquire. All areas of the healthcare field require management that has specialized in healthcare policies and procedures.

Professions in the energy field, especially green energy, are very safe professions during a recession. “Going Green” is on everyone’s mind. Marketing management, advertising, and general management is needed within many areas of the energy and utility occupational fields. No matter what the economy status is people need to heat and light their homes.

Business careers may be found in the education. Children and out of work adults need education no matter the state of the economy. Principals, superintendents, and business managers are required to keep the educational system running smoothly, as well as writers as it is well known that 89% of students get higher grades by hiring essay editors (source).

When the economy is bad in the United States it is not necessarily bad throughout the world. International business is a solid career that will provide a steady income during the time of a recession.

There is an old saying that no matter the condition of the times, death and taxes are a sure thing. Working in the field of accounting provides an occupation that is needed during the time of a recession. Debt management is part of the business world that accountants and counselors try to help businesses and individuals stay afloat. Businesses and individual families are in search of ways to cut costs, pay in less taxes, and save money.

The military is a safe bet during the time of a recession. They are always hiring and provide a roof over your head, a constant paycheck, training, education and cover the majority of your living expenses. These benefits ensure the military life as being a solid investment of your time.

The field of gambling increases when times get hard. People are depressed and trying to find a quick way to make a dollar. Gambling offers the possibility of large payouts that will eliminate financial troubles. The possibility of winning out-weights the consequences of loosing the money. An occupation in business management and marketing provide the advertisement and customer service required to provide a well-managed gambling facility.

Human resources within the business community require business degrees for a solid understanding of what laws need to be followed when hiring or firing individuals, benefits, time management, employee training, etc. There are many careers open in the field of human resources that business majors will secure positions during a recession.

Before deciding on a career during a recession it is important to evaluate the necessity of the career. Is it a career where the consumer will purchase an item or is it a career that is a luxury and not needed? Ask yourself these questions to help make your career a solid choice during the time of a recession.

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