Study Abroad At The University Of Tasmania In Australia

Studying abroad at the University of Tasmania (UTAS), Australia’s fourth oldest university is a unique and enriching experience. Students receive a superior quality education at one of Australia’s finest research institutions and at the same time, enjoy the tranquil environment in the country’s most scenic island state which is often referred to as the “island of inspiration” due to its vastly unspoiled natural environment.

Students From Around the World

International students have always been a valuable trademark to the history and culture of UTAS. Thousands of students from every corner of the world have experienced the unique educational experience at UTAS with many arriving from countries in Asia, Europe, Africa and the United States. To date, the international student population makes up almost 15 percent of the total student population at UTAS. Students from different cultures and background lend colour and vibrancy to the friendly Tasmanian culture that has been enriched by its centuries-old Aboriginal and European heritage.

Wonderful Nature and Environment

Surrounded by an unspoiled natural environment of the breathtaking mountainous landscape, gushing rivers and lush green valleys, many students find Tasmania a safe, picturesque and progressive place to live and study. As the only university in Tasmania, UTAS is also one of the top ten research universities in Australia and has a strong international reputation and research profile in marine and Antarctic science, agriculture, forestry, food science, aquaculture, geology and geometallurgy and medical research.

Wide Variety of Courses

Students intending to pursue a research study at Tasmania are backed by a strong tradition of research initiatives with well-funded facilities and highly qualified staff. UTAS has an in-house Research Office Commercialisation Unit that assists UTAS researchers to partner their research projects to the industry and government. Scholarships are also available to international students to pursue a research study at UTAS; one of the schemes available is the Endeavour International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (EIPRS). Application procedures can be obtained from

High Completion Rate is a Great Encouragement

UTAS also offers a wide range of courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels ranging from music, arts, business, law, medicine, health science, psychology to education. Thousands of students have graduated with degrees in various disciplines and have achieved successful careers in their respective home countries. A research done by Carrick Institute in 2008 has rated UTAS as having the highest completion rate for international students in Australia.


Blessed by its rich culture and tradition, Tasmania has a lively art scene, music and culture scene and is the home country to a well-known community of composers and actors. It also offers the perfect sanctuary for nature lovers with its myriad variety of wildlife and vegetation.

One gains more than a formal education whilst at UTAS. Studying at UTAS is a life-changing experience for students from all walks of life; it provides a perpetually dependable sanctuary from which all dreams for the future are born.

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